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Hello! My name is Katalina Park, and I am a digital media developer with a particular focus in video game development, 3D modeling, and interaction design. Though I am a Washington state native, I am a New Yorker by heart. My special talents include, but are not limited to, taking (sometimes concerningly long) naps. 


I am a recent graduate of New York University-Steinhardt, where I completed my Master’s degree in Games for Learning (spring 2018). I am also a proud alumna of New York University’s School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Digital Media. My academic background also includes writing, philosophy, and French Language studies. 

Current Work  

Currently, I am working with NYU Langone’s Department of Radiology to develop applications for Microsoft’s HoloLens. My first completed project was created to help renal cancer patients understand their diagnosis, surgery, and treatment. The application was displayed at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Conference in 2017. 

I am also currently involved in developing a project for an artificial intelligence competition for self-driving cars. Additionally, I am working with NYU's Game Innovation Lab to help research and develop artificial intelligent web-games.